Hungarian stereotypes

Hungarian Stereotypes – Are They True?

There are stereotypes about every nation, and us Brits are certainly subjected to a huge range – some slightly unfair but, usually, more accurate than we’d like to admit!

I decided to do a bit of googling to discover what are the main stereotypes aimed at Hungarians and offer some careful analysis on how accurate they are. A lot of these came from articles written by Hungarians so I’m hoping they aren’t too controversial!

All Hungarians have horses

I previously had no idea that this was apparently on of the major Hungarian stereotypes, it’s not like there are many horses wandering around Budapest. Although, the statue at Heroes Square does show the original 7 tribal leaders all on horseback.

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My Favourite Hungarian Craft Breweries and Beers

Typically known for its wine and pálinka, Hungary also has a pretty strong craft beer scene. As a faithful user of Untappd this is very good news for me, and indeed anyone who isn’t interested in endless cans of Dreher.

Budapest is famous for ruinpubs and other cool places to grab a drink, so why not make the most of it and drink something good! A few Hungarian craft breweries are well known internationally, and some not so much. So, here’s a quick list of my favourites, sorted alphabetically because I can’t figure out how to rank them..


Budapest, Hungary

A small brewery putting out some experimental products but, fortunately, the experiments are a success! It was hard to choose a favourite as the range is consistently strong. LD50 Simcoe and Peeping Tom deserve honourable mentions.

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Tips and resources for learning Hungarian

Hungarian is often regarded as one of the world’s toughest languages to learn. As a Brit, it can be all too easy to rely on English wherever we are in the world, especially for the basics. 

I’m also not a “natural” language learner; I studied French and German at school, but was never really inspired by it. Later, I attempted to teach myself Spanish after spending a lot of time in Spanish-speaking countries for work. I would say I got as far as “restaurant” level, in that I can talk to a waiter or a taxi driver, but not much else.

So, learning Hungarian seems like a doomed project before I’ve even begun! But, I think it’s extremely important to make a decent effort to adapt and integrate if you decide to call a new country home. 

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Racing at the Zúzmara

Running Events and Races in Hungary

There are lots of running events and races in Hungary if you know where to look. The most obvious omission compared to the UK is the lack of a weekly Parkrun (although there is something of an equivalent at Margitsziget).

However, there is a strong running culture and lots of organised races over a wide variety of distances to suit all levels of participation.

Budapest Sportiroda

One of the biggest organisers of running events and races in Hungary is Budapest Sportiroda (BSI). They are responsible for many of the races that may be familiar to those outside Hungary, including the Wizzair Budapest Half Marathon, the SPAR Budapest Marathon and the Spuri Balaton Super Marathon. As well as these, there are also many that I wasn’t familiar with, including the Telekom Vivicitta Festival and the Zúzmara Running Festival

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