A Briton in Budapest


In between travelling extensively for work, I gradually found myself spending more and more time in my favourite European city. When Covid-19 hit Europe, I was on a trip in Melbourne and had to decide quickly what to do and where to go before borders began to close.

It wasn’t a very difficult decision as my girlfriend lives in Budapest, but after a few months of lockdown, an address card in my wallet and a BKK monthly pass, I realised I wasn’t “just visiting” anymore.

I decided to start writing about the experience to inspire those planning something similar, connect with those already doing something similar or generally entertain anyone who might be amused by my (not necessarily successful) attempts at integrating into Hungarian life.

I’m a keen runner and eater, so they will both feature, as well as some tips on navigating the formalities, things to do, places to see and maybe some advice on how to learn Hungarian!    

Me at the Liberty Bridge