OKT-12 / Dorog – Piliscsaba

The second section of our Kéktúra adventure is OKT-12 / Dorog – Piliscsaba and, as fully qualified hikers now (…), we first went and spent a not-inconsiderable amount of money at Mountex. Although we are determined not to be in the “all the gear, no idea” category, we thought it was probably worth equipping ourselves with proper shoes and backpacks! I also bought a compass and even managed to figure out how to use it! 

Mountex is like the world’s greatest toy shop for outdoorsy adults, and I’m sure they’ll be lightening our wallets further before we finish with this trail! Wandering around the camping section has already got me excited for the longer, multi-day sections. I’m also spending an unreasonable amount of time researching the best way to make coffee in the woods!

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Lecsó is a ridiculously simple mix of peppers, tomatoes and onions that are left to create their own magic together with a little help from salt, pepper and, of course, paprika. Essentially a Hungarian ratatouille, this highly versatile lecsó can be spruced up with sausage or eggs, and is used as a base for many other dishes.

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OKT-14 / Hűvösvölgy – Rozália téglagyár

After a few months in lockdown, in a 38sqm apartment, Nóri and I were definitely ready for some countryside, trails and fresh air! We decided to get started on the rather substantial project that is the Országos Kéktúra, or National Blue Trail. It meanders across Hungary for 1168km, split into 27 sections of various distance, and we will be starting with section 14: OKT-14 / Hűvösvölgy – Rozália téglagyár.

There were two main reasons for this being our opening section. Firstly, at just over 14km, it is the shortest section of the the whole trail and an easy introduction to get our legs working again! Secondly it’s one of, if not the, easiest sections to reach by public transport from central Budapest, making it a straightforward day trip without really requiring much planning or equipment.

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Hungarian registration documents

Hungarian Registration Certificate, Address Card and Residence

Visiting Hungary is generally straightforward, especially for those in within the EU, but the next step of registering your stay and eventually applying for permanent residence can be a little more confusing.

This is not a comprehensive guide, but a collection of information that I gathered while going through the same process. At the time the UK is in a Brexit transition period and still a member of the EEA, which does make life easier.

So, here’s how to go about getting your Hungarian Registration Certificate, Address Card and Residence Permit.

Registration Certificate / Regisztrációs Igazolás

According to the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing, , in order to remain in Hungary, for more than 90 days within a 180 day period, it is necessary to register by at least the 93rd day of your stay. 

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Nokedli is the Hungarian version of Spätzle, the Swabian noodle dish made from fresh eggs. It’s so simple to make and goes perfectly with any kind of paprikás or in soups. The key is to match the correct amount of flour with the eggs to make them light and fluffy. Keep reading for this super quick Hungarian Nokedli recipe!

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Ultimate Guide to Fröccs

The Ultimate Guide to Fröccs!

As the weather heats up and the bars reopen, the first question is surely – what to drink? While a white wine spritzer (fröccs) may simultaneously offend hardened beer drinkers and wine aficionados, it is actually a perfect, easy summer drink. Legend has it that combining wine and water was invented in Hungary shortly after Ányos Jedlik developed a method of mass-producing soda water.

The huge popularity has resulted in a bewildering array of mixes, with a variety of names ranging from descriptive to downright obscure. This can make it a little confusing to order what you want, but don’t worry! I’ve done the research and compiled this ultimate guide to fröccs for confused tourists and expats!

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Favourite Running Routes in Budapest

When I first visited Budapest in 2011 and ran around Margit sziget, I remarked that “if I lived here, I’d be so fit because I’d run every day”. Now that I do live here, I can’t say I totally kept my word! But this city is certainly a great place for running.

It’s not always easy to find new routes in a city. Crossing roads, waiting at lights, navigating underpasses etc. all interrupt the flow and count against city-running when compared to countryside and trails.

Nevertheless, here I present a few of my favourite running routes in Budapest, which all provide a decent amount of interrupted running and interesting scenery. Whatever distance you’re looking for – from a few kilometers to a marathon route – you can find something here!

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Cuprevolution: Reducing Plastic Waste

Cuprevolution: Reducing Plastic Waste This Summer

Finally things are returning to something close to normal here in Budapest. It’s now possible to go out to bars and restaurants with a terrace and it almost reminds you how life used to be! We took a trip to Erzsébet tér on a sunny Saturday evening and discovered a new initiative called Cuprevolution.

Instead of being served your drink in a throwaway plastic cup, at several locations across the city you now pay 300HUF for a stronger plastic beaker. You can either keep it and use it across the city, or exchange it for a token to use next time. The aim is to reduce plastic waste across the participating venues by up to 80%.

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Authentic Chicken Paprikas

Chicken Paprikás is available in almost any Hungarian restaurant, but if you stick to the touristy places in the centre of Budapest it could well be disappointing or overpriced. I asked Nóri to show me the family recipe that you see here, which can be infinitely adjusted to suit your personal taste! Cook everything in one pot for a quick and easy weeknight meal which also keeps well in the fridge.

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Hungarian stereotypes

Hungarian Stereotypes – Are They True?

There are stereotypes about every nation, and us Brits are certainly subjected to a huge range – some slightly unfair but, usually, more accurate than we’d like to admit!

I decided to do a bit of googling to discover what are the main stereotypes aimed at Hungarians and offer some careful analysis on how accurate they are. A lot of these came from articles written by Hungarians so I’m hoping they aren’t too controversial!

All Hungarians have horses

I previously had no idea that this was apparently on of the major Hungarian stereotypes, it’s not like there are many horses wandering around Budapest. Although, the statue at Heroes Square does show the original 7 tribal leaders all on horseback.

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