Cuprevolution: Reducing Plastic Waste

Cuprevolution: Reducing Plastic Waste This Summer

Finally things are returning to something close to normal here in Budapest. It’s now possible to go out to bars and restaurants with a terrace and it almost reminds you how life used to be! We took a trip to Erzsébet tér on a sunny Saturday evening and discovered a new initiative called Cuprevolution.

Instead of being served your drink in a throwaway plastic cup, at several locations across the city you now pay 300HUF for a stronger plastic beaker. You can either keep it and use it across the city, or exchange it for a token to use next time. The aim is to reduce plastic waste across the participating venues by up to 80%.

How does it work?

The first time you buy a drink from a Cuprevolution partner, you’ll pay an extra 300HUF for the cup itself. There are lots of different designs, so choose carefully if you’re thinking about committing to one for the year! You then use it for all of your drinks, but of course no sharing these days!

When you’re finished, you can either take your cup home, or onto the next participating venue. Alternatively, the cups can be exchanged for a token, which is a little more portable… This can be swapped back for another cup next time you’re out.

The used cups are cleaned and returned to service until, eventually, they are worn out and go on to be recycled into other products.

We found that they could be used elsewhere too, not just the official partners. Vegan Garden were happy to serve our drinks in these cups, so it’s just like a reusable coffee mug but for wine instead!

Where can I use it?

So far the Cuprevolution partners are as follows:

How does the environment benefit?

As stated above, the target is to reduce plastic waste at the venues by up to 80%, as a result of replacing the single-use plastics with these reusable ones.

The cups themselves are made from recycled plastic and, once they reach the end of their life, they are ground up and converted into window frames and floor tiles etc. The tokens are also made from recycled fishing nets.

The manufacturing takes place in Hungary to the carbon footprint related to transportation is also reduced, compared to importing from abroad.

Cuprevolution: Reducing Plastic Waste

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