My Favourite Hungarian Craft Breweries and Beers

Typically known for its wine and pálinka, Hungary also has a pretty strong craft beer scene. As a faithful user of Untappd this is very good news for me, and indeed anyone who isn’t interested in endless cans of Dreher.

Budapest is famous for ruinpubs and other cool places to grab a drink, so why not make the most of it and drink something good! A few Hungarian craft breweries are well known internationally, and some not so much. So, here’s a quick list of my favourites, sorted alphabetically because I can’t figure out how to rank them..


Budapest, Hungary

A small brewery putting out some experimental products but, fortunately, the experiments are a success! It was hard to choose a favourite as the range is consistently strong. LD50 Simcoe and Peeping Tom deserve honourable mentions.

Favourite beer: Hopster

Brew Your Mind

Szekszárd, Hungary

Another small outfit that I discovered purely by happy accident. Currently their beers are only available for delivery in Szekszárd, Budapest and Pécs, so take the opportunity if it presents itself!

Favourite beer: Yellow Haze


Budapest, Hungary

These guys are responsible for, so far, my favourite beer from Hungary! Founded by two of the main organisers of Budapest Beer Week, they describe themselves as creating “brews from the extreme ends of the spectrum”.

Favourite beer: Thorazine Sunrise

Hara’Punk Brewing

Budapest, Hungary

Brewing small-scale since 2009 and doing a great job of it. It’s not so easy to find them on the shelves, especially outside of Budapest, but well worth it when you do. Or, you can buy a selection pack from their webshop.

Favourite beer: Son of a Bitch

HopTop Brewery

Budapest, Hungary

A slick operation working out of the former Royal Brewery plant, it’s another perk of living in Budapest as their beer is not widely available internationally. Of course, being British, my favourite is the tea-infused DIPA – Ceylon Buddy

Favourite beer: Ceylon Buddy


Budapest, Hungary

One of the bigger names in Hungarian brewing and available internationally, HORIZONT have also won awards across Europe. All of the equipment at their Budapest brewery is Hungarian-made. There’s an extensive web shop packed with their classics alongside some experimental brews, subscriptions and selection packs.

Favourite beer: Gentle Bastard

Mad Scientist

Budapest, Hungary

I was already well aware of the output from Mad Scientist before getting settled into Hungary, but it certainly can’t be a bad thing to be based in the same city as the “madness from Budapest challenging almost everything you know about beer”. Their webshop has all the favourites, as well as some of their other projects such as Mead Scientist, Mad X and even craft beer spirits!

Favourite beer: Popstar

MONYO Brewing Co

Budapest, Hungary

It’s tempting to make a comparison to Brewdog, given the sharp yet quirky branding, loyal following and edgy bars, but this is authentically Hungarian and the beers are excellent. In their own words, “we take brewing seriously, everything else is fun”.

Favourite beer: Flying Rabbit


Budapest, Hungary

A small project with a couple of beers and only available within Hungary. But certainly it’s a matter of quality over quantity given that the original Távoli Galaxis has a 3.68 rating on Untappd and is one of my favourites!

Favourite beer: Távoli Galaxis

Szent András

Békésszentandrás, Hungary

Very popular within Hungary, but a name that was new to me as there is limited availability internationally. There doesn’t seem to be anything too experimental in the range, so it’s a good entry point to the craft beer game. As well as a webshop they have a brewpub and bottleshop in Békésszentandrás which could make for a nice little weekend adventure.

Favourite beer: Bandibá

Special Mentions

I figure 10 is probably enough, as I don’t want to seem like an alcoholic! A few strong contenders that should also be on the list include, of course, FIRST Craft Beer; along with Fehér Nyúl, Hedon, Maltman Craft Beer and Reketye Brewing Co.  .

Please let me know of any others I should try!


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