OKT-12 / Dorog – Piliscsaba

The second section of our Kéktúra adventure is OKT-12 / Dorog – Piliscsaba and, as fully qualified hikers now (…), we first went and spent a not-inconsiderable amount of money at Mountex. Although we are determined not to be in the “all the gear, no idea” category, we thought it was probably worth equipping ourselves with proper shoes and backpacks! I also bought a compass and even managed to figure out how to use it! 

Mountex is like the world’s greatest toy shop for outdoorsy adults, and I’m sure they’ll be lightening our wallets further before we finish with this trail! Wandering around the camping section has already got me excited for the longer, multi-day sections. I’m also spending an unreasonable amount of time researching the best way to make coffee in the woods!

Start: Dorog

As it was a slightly rushed plan, we decided to stick to another section that can be easily tackled in a single day, including the transport from and to Budapest. Based on our leisurely pace and the transport times, we expected around nine and half hours for the whole trip.

Getting to Dorog is pretty straightforward. First we took the metro to Újpest, and then it was one train to Dorog which passed through our finishing point on the way. As such, it was a case of simply retracing our steps to get home and makes this just as accessible from Budapest as our first section, 14.

The first part of the trail takes you from the train station through Dorog, a settlement dating as far back as Roman times, before heading out into the susnyás (undergrowth..?) towards Kesztölc. This section was full of mosquitoes in mid-July, so definitely pack some decent bug spray! 

In Kesztölc we realised that it’s slightly easier than we thought to miss a trail sign and end up off course! Possibly we were slightly distracted by the free fruit available from the apple and plum trees in the village, or perhaps it was the van unfortunately parked in front of the blue arrows, but after a suspiciously long time without seeing a blue mark we realised we’d strayed too deep into the village. 

In the end we would have actually joined back up with the trail if we’d continued on our improvised route, but we decided to turn back, not wanting to invalidate our effort at this early stage! After Kesztölc the signs were once again a little confusing / lacking, but we made our way to the Pálos Gyógynövénykert (herb garden) which turned out to be a great spot for a lunch break.

Stamp: Klastrompuszta

The path then follows along the side of Kétágú-hegy through an open field with no shade. We went on a hot summer’s day and it was definitely necessary to have a hat and sunscreen along with plenty of water and electrolytes. You then drop down to Klastrompuszta and the first stamp of the section! It’s next to a camping spot, which also had a fresh water pump, which was very welcome on a hot day.

After the stamp we found the ruins of a Middle Age monastery on the way out towards Piliscév. There were more panoramic views on the way, and several more breaks for shade and rehydration. Once we reached Piliscsév we found a much needed cukrászda for an ice cream, which we enjoyed next to the village’s rather smaller version of Heroes’ square.

Finish: Piliscsaba

The final approach to Piliscsaba involves a long, steady climb up a very sandy, dusty path which drains quite a lot of your energy, make sure you haven’t run out of water at this point! I can also well imagine that if it gets wet, this part could be a proper mess with mud everywhere.

In the end we were within a few minutes of our predicted time, based on the pace of the first section we attempted. Clearly our walking pace and break times are quite consistent! The final stamp is within sight of the train station, so after filling in the trail book we wandered down to the platform in perfect time to catch the train back to Újpest.

OKT-12 / Dorog – Piliscsaba

Distance: 18.5km
Ascent: 530m
Descent: 425m
Stamps: 2
Time: 06:30
Pace: 21min/km
Weather: 29°C, Sunny

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